Bet Debora Journal “Tikkun Olam”

Tikkun Olam Umschlag kleinTikkun Olam, the act of “repairing the world”, was the theme of the 6th International Bet Debora conference that took place in Vienna in February 2013. A selection of topics, results and conclusions drawn from some of the discussions have been collected in this volume.
Women from 14 countries share and reflect on ways of strengthening Jewish life and paths towards a better world in general. Viennese Jewish women present their perspectives on life and their involvement with Tikkun Olam. Other authors delve into engaging with the opportunities as well as problems experienced by small Jewish communities between Holland and India; with Jewish women’s organizations, past and present; as well as the renewal of Jewish traditions through intercultural dialogue, ecology and Holocaust education. Finally, progress on the path towards halachic equal rights for women as well as setbacks will be discussed.


With contributions by Anna Adam, Talin Bahcivanoglu, Rabbi Tamarah Maionah Benima, Hava Eva Bugajer, Rabbi Judith Edelman-Green, Helga Feldner-Busztin, Elvina Gavriel, Sandra Goldstein, Larissza Hrotko, Agata Kaplon, Eleonore Lappin-Eppel, Mira Mayer, Andrea Pető, Shirly Pitz, Michaela Raggam-Blesch, Marija Salom, Alice Shalvi, Sharon Shenhav, Sarah Sheppard, Rabbi Irit Shillor, Gaby Steiner, Svetlana Yakimenko.


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Language: German, English
146 pages, softcover with (fold-in) flaps
67 illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-95565-066-7
15.00 €