4th Conference

Diversities. Bet Debora in Budapest

Call for Papers

4th Conference of the European Jewish Women, Activists, Academics, and Rabbis

23-27 August, 2006 Central European University, Budapest


The scope


The aim of the project is to keep and to develop the tradition created by the Bet Debora.

The theme of “diversities” always has been a delicate subject for Jews in the Diaspora. Even more so for women. But in a positive sense ’diversity’ is defined first and foremost as the readiness to take on responsibility. Jews who have chosen to live in Europe today are faced with the challenge of bringing the Judaism they inherited forward into the future. The task can be fulfilled only through co-operative work toward remodeling Judaism, both in relation to communal issues and to overarching societal issues. In order to fulfill this goal, women must prepare themselves to understand the positive aspects of diversities.

This conference will illuminate the theme of “diversities” by questioning what it takes to empower more women within the existing structures of Jewish life in Europe. Some of the questions to be dealt with are: How does Jewish tradition relate to the themes of “women and power”? Which important Jewish women have contributed significantly to the remodeling of Judaism? To what extent did these women also influence non-Jewish society? What is the perspective for active women today in Jewish communities of Europe in general? What are the arenas of their political, social or educational work? What is their status in the community? How much influence can they have on, for example, the content of Jewish educational material? How strongly do they express themselves on general topics that affect Jewish women, such as new forms of communal life? To what extent does Europe’s new political framework present special challenges to Jewish women?

What is the responsibility of women in the renewal of Jewish life in Europe? What is their impact to tradition and Jewish future? How can they empower themselves, influence the Jewish as well as non-Jewish society with their points of view?




Following the tradition set by the Bet Debora Conferences we are encouraging submission of papers on political diversity, politics of Jewish women in religious communities, women and the politics of Jewish education: aims, achievements, failures, contribution of Jewish Women’s Associations (social, political, cultural), re-creating a European Jewish identity, Jewish Politics in the EU, diverse literature, educational diversities.

We are also encouraging formation of panels; workshops if yes, list the other members of your panel or your workshop.



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