Debora’s House of Learning
“Bet” means house. In the Talmud, when a distinction is made between different interpretative traditions, these are called “houses” – the schools of great scholars – like Bet Hillel and Bet Schammai. Today, when Jewish women want to set out on new paths, they want to establish a “house” which will express their own interpretative tradition. Bet Debora has been named after the Bible heroine Debora, who was a prophet, judge and politician.

Bet Debora
offers a forum for exchange between Jewish women in Europe open to women activists from all streams of Judaism, women artists, and women scholars as well as women rabbis, women cantors, and women community officials, and that it is characterized by scholarly, political, cultural, and artistic debates. Bet Debora would like to make a contribution to the renewal of Jewish life in Europe, support Jewish women’s studies, promote a Jewish-feminist consciousness and thereby also the presence of women within Jewish Community leadership, maintain Jewish women’s heritage, work towards interreligious dialogue and establish an international network of Jewish women.


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