Dominique Tomasov Blinder

was born in New York and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she earned a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires.

Her professional experience includes work in Argentina, the United States and Spain.

Since 1991 she has lived in Barcelona, where she was a founding member of ATID, the Masorti Jewish Community. Since 1999 she has been dedicated to the study, preservation, dissemination and advocacy of Jewish Heritage. Listen to the podcast with Dominique Tomasov Blinder …

More information about Dominique Tomasov Blinder’s activities and research:


Urban Cultours project: online-sessions with Dominique about Jewish history of Barcelona available!

Research of ancient cemetery limits (in English): Middle Ages Jewish cemetery in English and Spanish:

Center of Studies Zakhor: 

Facebook weekly postings about everything Jewish in Barcelona and Spain