5th Conference

Fifth Conference of European
Women Rabbis, Jewish Community Politicians, Activists and Scholars
Jewish Tradition, Change & Gender in a Global Context
June 25 – 28, 2009
Tammuz, 3-6, 5769



Migration experience lies deep in the history of Jewish people. How migration affected and affects our personal, family and communal lives? When do we feel migrants in our life cycle journeys? Where are the borders of migration and home in health and malady, in wellbeing and scarcity, in happiness and misfortune? How do we communicate with our own selves and with others at home and in foreign spaces and lands? How migration affects women’s lives? How migration affects Jewish tradition, music and art? What unique viewpoints do Jewish women bring to migration related issues like integration of immigrants, Jewish-Christian and Jewish-Islamic dialog, immigration policies, xenophobia and racism? What is most precious to take with when we decide to leave for good a place, a community, or a country? What and where is home for us? These and many other issues will be discussed in Sofia from 25th to 28th of June, 2009, when the Bet Debora movement marks its 10th anniversary. Conference participants will get to know more about Bulgaria, Bulgarian Jewish life and community. You will be able to catch a glimpse of the historical and cultural specificity of Balkan Jewish presence through the eyes of various participants from Balkan countries. European in focus, the conference will give a chance to enjoy the presence and experience of women and men from Israel and the US. We will all learn from each other, celebrate Shabbat together, enjoy beautiful Sephardic cantos and varied artistic performances. For many this will also be a unique possibility to start networking with Jewish women, men and communities on the Balkans.