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Stella Klein-Löw in Vienna as a young girl


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Käthe Leichter (second from right)
















Stella Klein-Löw (1904-1986) – Jewish and a Socialist


Käthe Leichter (1895-1942) – Autrian trade-unionist


Lilli Marx (1921-2004) revived in 1953 with her fellow campeigners the Jewish Women’s Assocation, which was founded in 1904 and forcibly disbanded in 1938.


Haviva Reik (1914-1944) – Slovak resistant fighter


Alice Shalvi: Scholar, Feminist, Educator and Peace Activist


Biblical Women








Women in Judaism


Elisa Klapheck: Regina Jonas’ Treatisejonas


Sharon Shenhav:

Why do Jewish women still need to demand equality?

Four is better than one – on none!

Is it men?

Why is the agunah problem still unresolved?