We want to invite all interested men and women from all branches of Judaism to our next Conference to the European Capital of Culture 2016 – to Wroclaw/Breslau in Poland!

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The White Stork Synagogue



Jewish Women in Europe: Creating Alternatives


8th International Bet Debora Conference of European Jewish Women, Activists, Academics and Rabbis – 1. to 4. September 2016 in Wroclaw/Breslau (Poland)



Recalling the city’s complex German-Polish history and its Jewish community, we want to evoke its legacy and honor all that Jewish women have contributed to the formation of a lively and diverse Judaism in the past and present, as much as to their commitment to fighting for a tolerant and pluralist Europe. The conference will offer an unique opportunity to find out more about contemporary Jewish life in Poland, and to meet interesting Polish-Jewish women including activists, artists, film directors and writers.

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